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2 Oct 2015

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

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We have already discussed the possibility of purchasing fresh produce in bulk while it is in season. Aside from produce though, many other items can be purchased in bulk to ultimately save money.

Buying In Bulk


Dried goods such as beans and grains are a common example of this. If you include beans and grains in your diet, look for local co-ops or online shops that offer discounts on large quantities. Sometimes this is a big investment, even if it stretches the food budget long term, so consider ordering with others and splitting bulk bags.

Many local co-ops and buying clubs are already set up for such splits, so ask around and find the best option for your personal situation. Other foods that can often be purchased in bulk include olive oil, coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, and nuts.

Tips for Buying in Bulk - pistachio


Many herbs and spices can be purchased in bulk quantities as well, and this is a great way to build your home apothecary. Investing in your apothecary is important because you never know which herbal allies you might need. Keeping your pantry stocked with a variety of herbs is the best way to be prepared for any illness or life event that would benefit from herbal support. Consider bulk herb purchases for any herbs you use often, as the price per ounce often goes down the more you buy.

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Mountain Rose Herbs offers discounts on bulk purchases, and Bulk Herb Store has a wide variety of herbs in larger quantities. Frontier Co-op offers a good selection of bulk products, and they have a wholesale shop for buying clubs. If there is not currently a club in your area, you can apply for a wholesale account and start one.

Local herb farms will often have very reasonable prices on herbs as they are in season, so check with your local farmers market vendors to find fresh herbs. Doing so is a good option if you use lots of herbs in your cooking, or if you prefer fresh herbs for tinctures and other herbal preparations.

Buying With Friends

Bulk purchases do require an initial investment, which can be difficult at times even if it saves money in the long run. Additionally, sometimes bulk packages contain more of an herb than we can use in a reasonable amount of time. In cases like these, splitting an order with friends can be a good alternative to purchasing alone. Find a few friends who are interested in building their herbal apothecaries as well, and order together from your favorite herb shop.

You can take it a step further and get together for a day of making various herbal preparations when your herbs arrive! This is a wonderful way to build community with local herbalists, as you share your own herbal wisdom and learn from others.