Plant Identification Tea Towel
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Plant Identification Tea Towel


This delicate, super fine, organic cotton tea towel features the Herbal Academy’s signature Plant Identification illustration. A wonderful botanically inspired educational tool––for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one––use this towel practically in the kitchen as you prepare your herbal remedies and recipes or display the towel beautifully as art in your home.

We have found that this lightweight, packable, and scrunchable towel is ideal to carry along on a plant identification walk or stuffed in your backpack or basket for a foraging trip. Remember paper maps, those foldable essentials used on all road trips? Well, you may want to think of this as your essential tool for the wild and wonderful world of plant identification.

Find your own special use for this charmingly decorated fine cloth.

This delicate towel is made of natural organic cotton fabric, with a very soft off-white coloring. The Plant Identification illustration is stamped in black ink for a bold finish.

  • Dimensions are 28” x 29”
  • 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Features Herbal Academy’s signature Plant Identification illustration

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