The Business of Working With Herbs

Becoming an entrepreneur is often a daunting task. We’re speaking from experience! It takes a lot of hard work, confidence, and dedication. (A little fearlessness, drive, ambition and energy never hurt, either!)  

A business built on the production and sales of herbal products is no different. It requires unique knowledge about the products and herbs being sold, and an understanding of laws and regulations governing the handling, use, and selling of herbs. There are many regulations in place to protect you as a business owner. Many of these same regulations are there to protect the consumer, your customer.


Put yourself on the right side of compliance. The Herbal Academy is ready to help. We are here to offer our sage experience in this field, as many of us have successfully started our own herbal businesses. We’ve crossed a few bridges and have come out on the other side with the necessary tools and hard won knowledge that we would like to pass on to you.


The field of herbalism is a rapidly expanding commercial opportunity that lends itself to the promotion of well-being, environmental awareness, and conscientious preservation of our precious natural resources. Practice Green, and pass the torch on to the next generation!


Start your herbal business on a strong, secure platform from which you can grow and achieve success. Growing a business can provide a lifelong income in a field of your choosing if you start off on the right foot. Preparation is the first step, so get educated and save yourself the cost of future missteps in launching your herbal business. Planning and execution will be much easier if you begin with a strong foundation.    


If it is your dream to work with herbs, and to work in a natural environment where you set the standards as well as the goals, then the only thing standing between you and success is education. Our Entrepreneur Herbal Course is designed specifically to prepare you to run a small herbal products business in this unique and sometimes challenging field. We can be educators in our communities, but first we need to understand the intricacies of working in the herbal market.


Questions we’ll explore in this program:


  • How can I source high quality herbs sustainably?
  • How long do herbs stay fresh and potent?
  • What are my customers willing to spend on herbs?
  • Can I provide quality herbs at a fair price point?
  • How do I comply with regulatory Good Manufacturing Practices?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for labeling my products?
  • What claims can I make about my products?
  • How should I approach packaging?
  • What can and can’t I legally say when discussing herbs with my customers?
  • What tactics can I use to stand out in the marketplace?
  • When should I consider outsourcing in product development?
  • How do I start selling online?
  • How do I protect my business?
  • How can I prepare my business for growth?
  • How can I continue to define my path and grow my knowledge as an herbalist?


The Herbal Academy has gathered some of the most influential and dynamic minds in the field of herbalism to teach the Entrepreneur Herbal Course! Our very own Director Marlene Adelmann will open up to students, sharing her tips and ideas for starting an herbal business based on the success of the Herbal Academy! Katheryn Langelier, Owner of Herbal Revolution (and Marketing Genius!) will offer invaluable insight, sharing with students how she grew her flourishing business over the past several years on the strength of her award-winning herbal products. Respected herbalists including Steven Foster, Matthew Wood, and Anne McIntyre begin the course by exploring the herbal traditions and therapeutic frameworks which inform modern herbalism, while the course ends with lessons on defining your role as an herbalist and continuing your herbal education, and offers helpful resources to guide you on your way.


Invest in a powerful approach to making herbal remedies and products. Make the most of this program by following along with the tutorials and videos highlighting tips specific to business startup. Our demonstrations won’t just show you how to make a salve – we’ll teach you how to package one and how to market one!


Being a good business owner means knowing everything you can about your product.


Know what you are selling. Know why you are selling it. Know how to sell it.


Features of the Course:


  • 19 substantial lessons designed for the entrepreneur
  • Videos and presentations
  • Tutorials for basic body care products and remedies
  • Dozens of media and charts
  • Quizzes
  • 1 year access to the online portion of the course
  • Discounts with our herbal partners!


Entrepreneur Herbal Course Outline


Unit 1:  Herbal Wisdom Traditions and History

The Humoral System and Astrological Medicine

American Botanical Movement

Other American Botanical Traditions

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Global Healing Traditions

Modern Allopathy and Holistic Healing


Unit 2: Botany & Phytochemistry

Plant ID

Plant Chemistry



Unit 3: Making and Selling Herbal Products

Sourcing Herbs

Advanced Formulation

cGMPs for Dietary Supplements

Labeling – Legal Requirements

Creating a Brand

Herbalism and the Law

Video tutorials on making various herbal preparations



Unit 4: Growing as an Herbalist

Defining Your Path

Continuing to Grow

Useful Resources and Organizations


The Entrepreneur Herbal Course – though not a light course – is a breakaway program from the Advanced Herbal Course, designed specifically for students who want to jump into launching an herbal products business… now! We’ve selected lessons we know entrepreneurs are going to want to dive into, leaving out some of the more complex medical and clinical lessons. We’ve also added extra materials designed specifically for the entrepreneur!


As a student, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your studies to the Advanced Herbal Course should you choose to continue your studies.

This is your guide to herbal wisdom traditions to ground your knowledge of herbalism. Lessons in plant identification and chemistry inform your harvesting and product formulation. We’ll cover the nuts and bolts of creating herbal products in order to catch the consumer’s eye and meet legal manufacturing and labeling requirements. Learn how to define your role as an herbalist and continue your learning journey, and equip yourself with the resources that are available to you in the greater herbal community!


Let’s get started.


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