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10 Botanical Gifts To Give This Year | Herbal Academy | Looking for botanically inspired gifts to give to friends and families during the holidays? We’re sharing 10 ideas in this post!
  ON November 18,2017

10 Botanical Gifts To Give This Year

The gift giving season is here! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to give your botanical-loving friends and family members, we’ve got some ideas for you. We’re sharing ten botanical gifts that are perfect for holiday gift giving this year. 10 Botanical Gifts To Give In 2017 1. Herb Kits by Herbal Academy Our…

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How To Nip Holiday Stress In The Bud | Herbal Academy | Are you taking time for self-care during this busy time of year? Here are some tips to help you nip holiday stress in the bud, including a recipe!
  ON November 10,2017

How To Nip Holiday Stress In The Bud

The holiday season is a double-edged sword—festive and heartwarming on the one hand, a mad dash of colossal proportions on the other. We tell ourselves that all the work is worth the effort, but when we’re left exhausted and crabby, holiday spirit is about the furthest thing from our minds (and hearts). How do we…

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Maitake 101: A Valuable Mushroom | Herbal Academy | Maitake mushrooms are high in nutrients and are great for the immune system! Here's a delicious recipe as well as other ways to use this healthy food.
  ON October 09,2017

Maitake 101: A Valuable Mushroom

Early October in New England means many things: cool and sunny days, peak fall color, crisp apples, and icy cold cider come to mind, for starters. More obscure but no less exciting (for some of us)—it’s maitake time. Maitake what? Maitake mushrooms, also called hen-of-the-woods, or Grifola frondosa. If we’ve gotten enough precipitation in late…

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How To Use Dandelion Greens For A Healthy Liver | Herbal Academy | Dandelions are surprisingly nutritious! Here are 4 ways to use them in your diet for a healthy liver!
  ON March 20,2017

6 Spring Herbs You Can Forage Now

Spring is just around the corner and foragers everywhere are looking forward to the first spring foliage as it bursts from the earth. For centuries, humans counted on spring’s nutrient rich plants for food and nourishment after a long winter consuming stored foods. While fresh food is now available all year round for most Westerners,…

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