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  ON October 07,2022

Troubleshooting Fire Cider: Answering Your Questions

Fire cider is a beloved and potent wellness tonic known for giving the immune system a powerful kick. Made from a variety of herbs infused into apple cider vinegar, a classic herbalist’s recipe is easy to make, convenient to dose, and a delight to the tastebuds.  Here at the Herbal Academy, we’ve been sharing our…

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  ON October 22,2021

Strange Ways to Heal: Medical Curiosities of Ancient Greece

Throughout history, humans have sought ways to ease many ailments. Some lasted through millennia. Others fell into disuse. The ancient Greek civilization (c. 3,000 BCE-600 CE), practiced a variety of healing methods over centuries influenced by population growth, trade, and conflict throughout the Mediterranean region. Medicine in antiquity shifted and evolved as a result of…

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