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The History of Chocolate - Food of the Gods | Herbal Academy | Chocolate is a delightful, delicious, and delectable treat! Learn about the history of chocolate including its health benefits and which kind to look for!
  ON February 27,2017

The History of Chocolate – Food of the Gods

Delightful, delicious, delectable, decadent. How we describe chocolate varies depending on how much we’re thinking about it! What is the number one food craved by woman? Chocolate!   Did you realize that chocolate has only been enjoyed outside of the Americas for about 500 years?   The History of Chocolate The cacao (chocolate) tree, or…

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  ON July 04,2016

5 Herbal Spice Blends To Make And Use

Throughout human history, herbal spice blends have been the stuff of legend, wars, and poetry, they have served as valuable currency, and in medieval times were the driving force behind world exploration (Dalby, 2000). These aromatic herbs have crisscrossed national and cultural boundaries over and over again as those who cook (and those who eat) have created…

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How To Forage and Feast On Spring Nettle | Herbal Academy | Nettle is one popular spring green that can be foraged and enjoyed as a nutrient rich food.
  ON April 22,2016

How To Forage and Feast on Spring Nettle

Spring is that wonderful time of year when we emerge from our winter hibernation into a fresh, green world. And, as we being to explore the newly grown and fresh plants, there are many that we can harvest and eat. These plants have a delicious flavor and many nutritional benefits to enjoy. One popular green…

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  ON November 10,2014

The Small But Mighty Flaxseed

About 20 years ago I became very familiar with flax (Linum usitatissimum), both the seed and cold pressed oil. I had recently adopted the Yeast Connection Diet under the care of a doctor who used alternative practices in his approach to treating traditional ailments. In my case, recurring migraines were coming on all too often,…

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