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Warming Winter Rituals: Herbal Truffles for Good Circulation | Herbal Academy | Looking for ways to integrate more herbs into your diet? Try these delicious warming herbal truffles that are good for circulation!
  ON January 06,2017

Warming Winter Rituals: Herbal Truffles for Good Circulation

One of the charms of integrating herbs into your daily routine is the possibility for pleasure. The smell, textures, and flavors are important and integrated aspects of an herbal approach to balanced health. What’s more, “compliance” with taking one’s herbs becomes all the more likely when in the form and taste of a pleasing ritual….

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How To Forage and Feast On Spring Nettle | Herbal Academy | Nettle is one popular spring green that can be foraged and enjoyed as a nutrient rich food.
  ON April 22,2016

How To Forage and Feast on Spring Nettle

Spring is that wonderful time of year when we emerge from our winter hibernation into a fresh, green world. And, as we being to explore the newly grown and fresh plants, there are many that we can harvest and eat. These plants have a delicious flavor and many nutritional benefits to enjoy. One popular green…

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How To Use Dandelion Greens For A Healthy Liver | Herbal Academy | Dandelions are surprisingly nutritious! Here are 4 ways to use them in your diet for a healthy liver!
  ON March 25,2016

How to Use Dandelion Greens for A Healthy Liver

After the snows begin to melt, one of the first signs of spring many of us notice is sunny, yellow dandelion flowers dotting lawns and gardens. Dandelions are enjoying a modest return to popularity after many years of being maligned as nothing more than a troublesome weed, and there are many good reasons for this! Besides…

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  ON November 10,2014

The Small But Mighty Flaxseed

About 20 years ago I became very familiar with flax (Linum usitatissimum), both the seed and cold pressed oil. I had recently adopted the Yeast Connection Diet under the care of a doctor who used alternative practices in his approach to treating traditional ailments. In my case, recurring migraines were coming on all too often,…

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