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15 Uses for Cinnamon | Herbal Academy | With its much loved flavor and aroma, the uses of cinnamon go beyond the kitchen! Here are 15 uses for cinnamon in the kitchen as well as for good health!
  ON November 14,2016

15 Uses for Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a much loved staple in our kitchens. Its sweet, floral, clove-like, earthy, and spicy aroma and flavor complement cook...

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Memory of Summer | Herbal Academy | This poem remenises of summers past.
  ON June 03,2016

Memory of Summer

When I was a young girl, we would take our yearly summer trip to visit my grandparent’s house. They lived in South Georgia where...

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Gift of the Earth: A Spring Poem | Herbal Academy | A spring poem to stir your heart with the gifts of the awakening earth.
  ON April 04,2016

Gift Of The Earth: A Spring Poem

As I sit, fingers lingering on the keys of my keyboard, I gaze outside. This is where the poetry grows, my fingers simply telling the beauty that nature so sweetly provides. The trees burst into the ready as they crown themselves in tethered colors of white, yellow, then green. Our rooster shouts. His juvenile crow…

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Herbal Entrepreneur
  ON October 22,2015

Opportunities for the Herbal Entrepreneur

Herbalism is a unique niche for the aspiring entrepreneur. Herbalist entrepreneurs can create their dream job by turning a passion for herbalism into a living. We’ve done it here at the Academy! Creating a line of herbal extracts, body care products or tea blends, growing or wildcrafting herbs to sell, or creating monthly herbal CSA…

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herbs work
  ON March 13,2015

Herbs Work With Us

Herbs work with us, not against us. They can be subtle as they build us up over time, but they stand with us as we move forward. T...

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  ON January 13,2015

Every Herbalist Should Set Goals

We look out our windows at the bare trees and snow-covered ground, and it is evident that winter is upon us. We’re only a little over a week into the New Year, which can be both an exciting and intimidating season of life. As we map out our calendar year and set our short and…

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  ON October 07,2014

The Beauty of Herbs

The plants we gather from field and forest contain hundreds if not thousands of nutrients and active constituents packed into dark roots, red and yellow petals, silvery leaves, shining seeds, luscious fruits. From walking a garden path lined with fragrant thyme, discovering yarrow on a mountain hike just when we need it, to infusing oil…

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