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Meet Erika Galentin | Herbal Academy | This month we have an interview with our Course Development Director, Erika Galentin. Join us as she shares her experience with herbs, herbal education, and her involvement here at the Herbal Academy.
  ON December 26,2016

Teacher Feature: Erika Galentin

Erika Galentin is a clinical herbalist and member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) who studied at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in Glasgow, Scotland, before returning to the United States to continue her career. She is the Course Development Director here at the Herbal Academy and leads our team as we…

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Teacher Feature: Steven Foster | Herbal Academy | This month's teacher feature is an interview with herbalist Steven Foster where he shares with us his love for herbs, writing, lecturing, and photography!
  ON November 16,2016

Teacher Feature: Steven Foster

We have so many wonderful teachers here at the Herbal Academy. Their perspectives, wisdom, and experiences come together in amazing ways to inspire students and other teachers alike! We’ve been introducing a new teacher every month with an interview here on the blog, and you’ve met a few through this series already, most recently Anne…

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  ON August 12,2016

Teacher Feature: Bevin Clare

We are blessed with many wonderful teachers at the Herbal Academy, and we are delighted to help you get to know each of them through a series of interviews here on the blog! Recently, you met one of our teachers through an interview we shared with Maria Groves. Another one of our Associate Educators, Bevin…

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Interview with Herbal Academy teacher Maria Groves
  ON July 12,2016

Teacher Feature: Maria Groves

We are fortunate to have many amazing herbalists as Associate Educators here at the Herbal Academy. They share their knowledge and expertise for our online herbal courses, contribute articles and other resources to The Herbarium, and are often active members of our MyHerbalStudies communities on Facebook and Instagram, as well. We are delighted to share…

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