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St. John's Wort: Not Just For Depression | Herbal Academy | St. John's Wort is not just an herb for depression. From soothing topical uses to supporting the immune system, you'll learn to appreciate the many uses of this herb!
  ON May 15,2017

St. John’s Wort: Not Just For Depression

Stumbling upon a field of wildly growing St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is like discovering a ray of Earth-bound sunshine. Profuse bright, happy yellow flowers hint at this plant’s well-known use for soothing those suffering from depression. Yet, those cheery flowers hold many more herbal actions and uses within than most of us are familiar…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica with Burdock | Herbal Academy | Learn how you can use burdock for food and medicine as part of your local materia media.
  ON October 19,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica with Burdock

Most of us know burdock, even if we don’t realize we know burdock. This plant’s ingenious seed dispersal system—its clingy burrs—demands we pay attention eventually, for example, when removing them from our clothes, our hair, or deep in our dog’s plush fur. Inconvenience aside, you’ve got to give burdock credit for ingenuity. Swiss engineer George…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica with Holy Basil | Herbal Academy | Holy basil is part of the mint family and is useful for fighting stress and aging. Learn the other many uses of this plant for your local materia medica!
  ON September 30,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica: Holy Basil

There is an herb in my local materia medica that is not native to my area, does not grow wild, isn’t hardy here in New England, and isn’t perennial—it requires annual seeding in the garden and is sensitive to frost. Despite these limitations, I am undeniably, profusely, and irrevocably in love with holy basil, and…

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Create A Local Materia Medica With Plantain | Herbal Academy |Plantain, with its edible and medicinal uses and widespread availability, is a fantastic addition to your local materia medica list.
  ON July 13,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica With Plantain

Part of the beauty of a local materia medica is its humility, and you can’t get much more humble than plantain (Plantago spp.). Considered a weed the world over, this tenacious and resilient plant steadfastly grows in lawns, fields, roadsides, disturbed land, sidewalk cracks—you name it. And while plantain is oft overlooked today (saved by…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica with Yellow Dock | Herbal Academy | Come learn about yellow dock and how to create your own local materia medica with it this month!
  ON June 24,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica with Yellow Dock

I had originally intended to write this month’s local materia medica about another herb entirely, but then I replaced the fence around the patio and stumbled upon a new plant to my land – yellow dock. Join me as I explain how to identify and use yellow dock in your local materia medica! Discovering Yellow Dock The aforementioned fence…

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