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How To Use Herbs to Care for Pets | Herbal Academy | Learn about our newest Herbarium intensive, Herbs for Animals, and start using herbs to care for pets naturally!
  ON October 10,2019

How To Use Herbs to Care for Pets

Our pets, whether they’re domestic animals like cats and dogs, farm animals such as horses and chickens, or our reptile friends like lizards and snakes, are often a big part of our lives, and as responsible pet owners, caring for our animals is often a top priority in our lives. Caring for our animals is…

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DIY Herbal Pet Shampoo and Rinse for Healthy Skin & Fur | Herbal Academy | To help keep your furry friends clean and healthy, here's a simple herbal pet shampoo and rinse to help maintain a healthy coat!
  ON April 07,2017

DIY Herbal Pet Shampoo and Rinse for Healthy Skin & Fur

As the ground begins to thaw, we will be spending more time outdoors with our pets enjoying the warmth of early spring.  And, just like us, our pets will be transitioning from the dryness of winter to the freshness of spring. Since different seasons have different effects on skin, pet owners should be aware of…

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The Healing Power of Clay For Animals | Herbal Academy | Learn about the healing power of clay for animals and how to use it for insect bites, stings, and wounds.
  ON September 21,2016

The Healing Power of Clay for Animals

Clay has long proved a valuable companion to me. It taught me the art of baking delicious muddy pies that my mother would so kindly pretend to eat. It’s been a stronghold, protecting the lucky frog families I would rescue from all the princesses looking to kiss them. It provided essential camouflage in my valiant…

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  ON June 29,2015

Basic Herbal Remedies For Pets

Most of us have a first-aid kit in our homes to treat minor scrapes and burns. But what about our four-legged friends? What happens when Fido gets a cut while trying to jump the fence? Or when Mittens steps a little too close to the wood stove? These basic herbal remedies for pets can make…

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  ON November 11,2014

Turmeric for Dogs and Other Animals

Just as herbs can positively affect humans, the same is true for animals. It is thought by some that humans may have first learned to use certain herbs by watching the actions of animals. As humans seek to live more natural and self-sufficient lives, many of us also seek to use natural care for our…

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