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Homemade Massage Oil for Each Season | Herbal Academy | Herbal-infused homemade massage oils produce a grounding, supportive, and protective effect on the body and mind.
  ON September 02,2020

Homemade Massage Oil for Each Season

Massage oil, especially when infused with herbs, can be more than just a feel-good skin moisturizer. Ayurveda teaches that fat is closely connected to love, satisfaction, and protection (Svoboda, 1999). In addition to nourishing and nurturing the skin, using herbally infused homemade massage oils produces a grounding, supportive, and protective effect on the body and…

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Anise Monograph: Pimpinella Anisum | Herbal Academy | In this anise monograph, you'll learn the history of this fascinating plant along with botanical descriptions and modern uses.
  ON August 07,2020

Anise Monograph: Pimpinella Anisum

The following anise monograph is an example of the type of thorough, well-researched monographs available on our membership site, The Herbarium. This beautiful anise monograph is written by The Herbarium contributor, Michayla Conrad. Common Name: Anise burnet saxifrage, aniseed, anise, anise seed, sweet cumin Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum L. Family Name: Apiaceae TCM Name: Hui…

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Botany Beginnings: Who was Theophrastus? | Herbal Academy | Theophrastus is known as the “father of botany” because his descriptive writings helped create a new frontier in scientific botanical terminology.
  ON July 21,2020

Botany Beginnings: Who was Theophrastus?

Approximately 2,300 years ago, a time which we can somewhat imagine through the marble monuments still standing and the relatively few parchments that have survived, a person named Theophrastus (c. 370 BCE – c. 287 BCE) reportedly wrote 227 books about animals, trees, shrubs, fruits, and flowers. Although he wasn’t the only scientific writer at…

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How to Use Herbs to Rebuild from Burnout | Herbal Academy | Learn how to take an Ayurvedic approach to recognizing burnout and even more importantly, ways in which you can call upon herbs to rebuild from burnout. 
  ON June 10,2020

How to Use Herbs to Rebuild from Burnout

Long-term stress takes a huge toll on one’s body and mind. Sometimes that stress can chip away at vital reserves and one’s sense of wellbeing, ultimately leading to a state of burnout. In digging into the exact meaning and causes for burnout, it is clear that its defining borders can be quite nebulous. Unlike depression,…

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  ON May 20,2020

7 Reasons to Forage Wild Food and Herbs

Before the advent of agriculture, our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, relying on the wild food and herbs they brought home in their baskets to keep them alive and well. Foraging is a way to return to those ancestral roots and re-learn what our ancestors knew: that nature provides an abundance of botanicals that can be consumed…

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