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  ON April 06,2020

Mushroom Folklore: Fairy Rings

Before microscopes, test tubes, and organized scientific study, humans all over the world told myths, tales, and legends that explained what mushrooms are, how they came to be, and what they might indicate.  Although the modern understanding of fungi and mushrooms is founded on biology, ecology, and chemistry, many people still find insight and inspiration…

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What the Spring Equinox Means to the Herbalist | Herbal Academy | For the herbalist, the Spring Equinox is a time for new beginnings, whether with your studies, your health, or your business. Learn more in today's post!
  ON March 15,2018

What The Spring Equinox Means To The Herbalist

Have you ever wondered how our ancient ancestors kept track of time? I suppose the further back in time you go, people were more focused on survival than keeping track of the minutes. However, as people learned about the world around them and cultures began to form and progress, time became an important concept. My…

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11 Herbs of King Arthur's England | Herbal Academy | Do you know herbs were used everyday during the time of King Arthur? Here are 11 Arthurian herbs still found today in the garden of Glastonbury, England!
  ON August 24,2017

11 Herbs of King Arthur’s England

In southwest England, in Somerset, sits the town of Glastonbury, a quaint historical town that has been inhabited since 7th millennium BCE (Glastonbury, n.d.). This area has always felt magical to many people as it’s thought by some to be the location of the magical island of Avalon from the famous King Arthur tale that…

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Motherwort Through History | Herbal Academy |Here at the Academy, we often talk about the history and traditions of herbs. In this post we are focusing on the history of motherwort. Come learn with us!
  ON May 31,2017

Motherwort Through History

Here at the Academy, we often talk about historical knowledge and folk tradition comprising one of the legs of the three-legged stool that informs our understanding of a plant’s therapeutic uses. Scientific studies and the first-hand experience of modern herbalists are the other legs that complete the stool, balancing and reinforcing one another to give…

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