28 Oct 2013

5 Steps to Increase Activity with Sun Meditation


Soon, daylight savings time will be ending for most of the country. This little tweaking of our schedules began in the 20th century when various countries around the world wanted to create more daylight in the evenings for increased recreational and commercial activity after work. By turning our clocks back as we are about to do, we lose an hour of daylight in the evening but have an extra hour of it in the morning. But does that mean that our increased activity must come to an end as well?

Sun meditation

Even with fewer hours of daylight, we’re likely to be just as busy now as we were during the warmer months. In fact, the craziness of the holiday season will probably be some of the busiest days of our year. With daylight beginning an hour earlier, we have an opportunity to begin a new habit: we can start our busy day by sitting through the sunrise.

The sun represents warm, masculine energy that helps us to be active and productive throughout the day. It’s the white yang energy in ancient Taoist traditions and the presence of Shiva in the traditions of the Indian subcontinent. And yet, if we enjoy this energy from a more reflective, feminine place, we can manifest that productivity in a state of calmness and peace. This is why it can be of tremendous value to begin a sitting/breathing practice that encapsulates the five minutes surrounding the sunrise.

5 Steps to Increase Activity with Sun Meditation

To practice sun meditation, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Find a place near a window that has southeastern exposure and is therefore in direct line with the sun as it rises during the winter months.
  2. Research and identify when the sun will rise the following day.
  3. Place yourself in that sweet spot about 2-3 minutes before the sun is supposed to rise.
  4. Face the sun with your eyes closed (and avoid directly looking at the sun!).
  5. Sit and breath slowly for the next five minutes until about a minute or two after the sun has crept up from behind the horizon line.

With the end of Daylight Savings Time, we now have an extra hour of daylight first thing in the morning. And while there may be fewer recreational opportunities available and fewer stores open, that doesn’t mean that this time can’t be meaningful and productive. Crafting a simple ritual around the sunrise will help you to calm yourself while at the same time enjoy the productive, masculine energy that the sun represents.


sun meditation steps